Update on the #FootballForFires Game

Update on the #footballforfires game at ANZ Stadium on 23 May 2020

While the Coronavirus is taking all the attention in our lives today and rightly so, there is a still a huge effort required to help get our own fire ravaged communities back on track.

Facts are that many towns that lost homes, shops, farms and sporting facilities in the December 2019 and January 2020 fires are still feeling the pain of losing loved ones and in many cases their livelihoods.

In last 24 hours I have contacted many of the international players that had accepted to come out to Sydney on 23 May to play in this football game to raise money and I alerted them to recent developments. Namely, flights from certain countries are restricted and of the ban for public gatherings of 500 people or more that our Government has imposed.

The response from the international players was quite simply staggering. To a man they all stated their desire to still come out and play the game. They also agreed to get full medical certificates from their own GP to ensure they are fit to travel and fit to enter into Australia free of coronavirus.

I hope the crowd ban is lifted in time to allow fans to attend but the game is going ahead with or without fans.

TV arrangements including Free To Air, Streaming and Pay Per View will be announced this week. TV will help drive donations from within Australia and from overseas.